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Initial Visit

Your initial examination and consultation in Irvine CA is the first step in a personalized course of care. This appointment is normally 45 minutes. Your case history will provide the doctors with as much information about you as possible. Where and when your symptoms first appeared (i.e. any unusual activity that may have caused your pain or any fall or minor accident that did not seem important to you at the time).

The doctor will perform a series of tests to determine your cause of pain. You will have 4 x-rays taken for the doctor’s report of findings. Exact measurements will determine your Atlas subluxation. Specially designed instruments are used by the Doctor to detect and measure a misalignment. This information is necessary to determine the precise adjustment to adjust the Atlas and correct the subluxation.

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Chiropractic Irvine CA Cervical Spine Straight

Follow Up Visit in Irvine CA

After your x-rays have been analyzed the Doctor will go over a Report of Findings with you to determine what needs to be done and how you can help. He will then use the Atlas Orthogonal Instrument to adjust your Atlas and relieve your nerve pressure.

This appointment will include an Atlas Adjustment with 2 more X-rays to ensure the adjustment provided the desired outcome. You can plan 30 minutes for this visit.

The Doctor will provide you with a personal plan of care based on his findings and how your body responds to the adjustment.

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For More Information on the Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Technique, please visit the official website of Dr. Roy Sweat, founder of Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic.

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